Broadband Forum TR-369 USP Training

Enjoy the Power of Expertise with Techufy's TR-369 USP Training!

At Techufy, we're not just pioneers in developing and deploying Broadband Forum TR-369 User Services Platform (USP) solutions - we're educators as well. Our extensive understanding, hands-on experience, and commitment to sharing knowledge make us uniquely qualified to offer specialized training on TR-369 USP.

Our TR-369 USP Training is designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the Broadband Forum TR-369 platform. Whether you're a novice looking to familiarize yourself with the platform, or a professional seeking to hone your skills, our course has something to offer.

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Training Content:


In-depth Introduction to TR-369 USP:

We begin our training with an overview of the Broadband Forum TR-369 USP, its origins, and its utility in today's tech landscape.


Comprehensive Study of the TR-369 USP Specification:

We break down each chapter of the TR-369 USP specification, providing a step-by-step guide to understanding and implementing the platform's guidelines and standards.


Hands-on Training with Practical Examples:

Learn how to effectively deploy and manage a TR-369 USP server through real-world scenarios. Our training includes working examples using the obuspa client and a TR-369 USP server, offering a practical approach to learning.


TR-369 Protobuf Files and JSON Examples:

Our training also encompasses detailed studies of protobuff files and JSON examples for each message type within the TR-369 USP, further enriching your understanding of the platform.


Best Practices:

Benefit from our wealth of experience as we share tried-and-tested strategies for optimizing the use of the TR-369 USPserver.


Additionally, we offer a comprehensive free knowledge base at TR369.org. This resource hub provides in-depth articles, guides, and tips related to TR-369 USP, supplementing the learning experience offered by our training course.

Our TR-369 USP training service is designed to deliver both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. With Techufy's expert guidance and plethora of resources, you'll gain the confidence and proficiency to effectively develop, deploy, and manage TR-369 USP servers.

Embark on your learning journey with us at Techufy, and master the Broadband Forum TR-369 User Services Platform.