TR-369 USP Solution

Welcome to the future of connectivity with Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution. Engineered for excellence, our solution epitomizes innovation and scalability in the world of broadband management. Whether it's handling a vast network of devices, ensuring seamless operation during peak times, or unlocking new business opportunities, our TR-369 USP Solution stands at the forefront. Designed with a user-centric approach, it offers an intuitive interface that puts you in control. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, efficiency, and growth potential – all under one roof. Dive into Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution and discover how we're redefining connectivity for the modern era.

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What we offer?

Seamless Device Management

Our TR-369 USP Solution enables service providers to effortlessly manage and control a wide array of devices on their networks. From routers to smart devices, our solution streamlines the process, ensuring smooth device setup, configuration, and updates, saving both time and resources.

Efficiency and Innovation:

With our TR-369 USP Solution, service providers can efficiently handle a large number of devices without compromising performance. This efficiency paves the way for innovation – from introducing new services to optimizing network operations – ultimately enhancing the customer experience and boosting competitive edge.

Real-Time Insights

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution empowers service providers with real-time insights into their network and connected devices. This visibility allows for proactive troubleshooting, quick issue resolution, and data-driven decision-making, ensuring a reliable and seamless service for end-users.

Future-Ready Architecture:

Our TR-369 USP Solution is built on a future-ready architecture that adapts and scales as your network grows. Whether you're connecting a handful of devices or expanding to millions, our solution's architecture ensures flexibility, reliability, and the ability to accommodate new technologies and services.


How do we outperform the rest?


Not an old pached solution

As Techufy, we don't make-up outdated products to look new. In an era of rapidly evolving technology, relying on outdated solutions is simply not an option. That's why our TR-369 USP Solution isn't a patchwork of old code pretending to be new. We've embraced the dynamic pace of technology and meticulously built our solution from the ground up with cutting-edge modern technology. This way, we deliver nothing short of the best for your needs, both now and into the future.


Scalability, not a buzzword for us

The TR-369 USP Solution has been designed with scalability in mind, starting from the first day. Our TR-369 USP solution, from the database level to API level, follows a distributed architecture pattern. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution is built to handle massive amounts of devices in real-time with high performance.


Not a marketing product, the real USP Solution

As subject metter experts, we tailored Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution exclusively for the TR-369 protocol. We didn't rely on other solutions with minor modifications – every module has been designed and built from the ground up to perfectly align with the requirements of USP TR-369. Our solution is not an TR-069 ACS, but TR-369 USP, not a marketing one, a real USP. This commitment give us the best for your network management needs.


No deceptive games, radical transparency

At Techufy,we operate on a foundation of radical transparency, ensuring that our commitment to openness. No deceptive games or smoke and mirrors – that's not how we work. In our meetings, you won't encounter empty jargon. Instead, you'll experience genuine listening and meaningful discussions. We have a firm grasp of our domain and know exactly what we're doing. At Techufy, authentic expertise and straightforwardness define our approach, and we're excited to bring this unique ethos to our collaboration with you.


We're excited to make a demo

At Techufy, we've revolutionized product excellence through our TR-369 USP Solution. With scalability, unbeatable performance, and ingenious design principles, our solution outshines the competition. Experience the difference for yourself – we're really excited to offer you a demo that showcases our capabilities, commitment, and expertise. Ready to elevate your business? Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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Compatibility Features:


Compliance with TR-369 specification:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution, based on the Broadband Forum TR-369 Specification Issue 1 Amendment 2 released in January 2022, with backward compatibility with previous releases of the specification. Techufy has been committed to supporting all upcoming releases of the TR-369 specification.


Compliance for the Data Model:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution corresponds to Broadband Forum's TR-106 Amendment 11 and TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 15 specifications to support a robust data model for various data profiles. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution also offers a simple migration from the TR-069 CWMP protocol with the help of the common data model and common data modeling tools.


Board Selection of Profiles:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution references Broadband Forum's TR-181 specification to support various data profiles. Our solution uses and supports all profiles defined in the TR-181 specification such as Cellular, DHCPv6, FAST, IEEE8021x, MQTTm PCP, UPnP, WWC, XMPP, ZigBee, and more. Different profiles allow us to customize Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution according to your needs.


Full MTP Support:

TR-369 specification requires different Message Trasport Protocols (MTP) for different use cases. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution supports all required MTPs. For the MQTT/Telemetry; we are supporting MQTT 5.0 and MQTT 3.1.1, for the STOMP; we are supporting STOMP 1.2, and for the WebSocket; we are supporting RFC 6455. We leverage the power of VerneMQ and Apache ActiveMQ Artemis for MQTT and STOMP communications respectively, ensuring efficient and secure message delivery. All of our MQTT, STOMP, and WebSocket solutions offer distributed architecture to ensure high scalability.


Full Coverage for TR-369 Message Types:

TR-369 specification defines different Message Types for various operations. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution supports all required message types, including Get, Notify, Set, Operate, Add, Delete, GetSupportedDM, GetInstances, and GetSupportedProto to ensure reliable, error-free, near real-time communication. Our solution supports all types based on the Broadband Forum TR-369 Specification usp-msg-1-2.proto and usp-record-1-2.proto specifications and it is backward compatible with previous versions. Techufy has been committed to supporting all upcoming releases of the TR-369 specification including proto files.


Ready for the Bulk Operations:

TR-369 specification clarified mechanisms for Bulk Operations. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution supports all required bulk operation types, including MQTT, EventNotify, and, HTTP with CSV or JSON encoding or to synchronise bulk data with the correct mechanism. Our solution support all communication types and encoding types based on the Broadband Forum TR-369 Specification Issue 1 Amendment 2 released in January 2022 and it is backward compatible with previous versions.Techufy has been committed to support all upcoming releases of the TR-369 specification including bulk operations.


ObUspA Tested:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution has been designed to work with any agent that is defined in the TR-369 specification. We chose to test our connectivity with Broadband Forum's official client/agent named " Open Broadband-User Services Platform-Agent (OB-USP-A) ". Broadband Forum open-sourced a project to define a baseline for the client/agent and it can be customized according to the own needs. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution is designed to work with any agent/client that is aligned with the specification and our solution tested with OB-USP-A.


We are fully compliant!

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution has been designed by an expert team. As Techufy, we have board experience and deep knowledge about TR-369 USP, TR-069 ACS, TR-181 Data Model, RDK and Telecommunication Networks, Distributed Architecture, High Availability, and more. Techufy, meet and exceeds the requirements of a modern technology company and we are here to help for the success. We are fully compliant!.

Key Benefits


Full Support For New Opportunities

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution built to support a wide varierty of device models with supporting all required message transport protocols and supporting wide variety of device profiles. Our solution supports your bussiness for the new opportunities.


You can never fall back:

With a forward-thinking approach, your bussiness can seamlessly adapt to growth and technological advancements. Techufy have a promise to support all releases of the TR-369 USP Protocol , so we will never let you fall back.


Not like others:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution is not like their solutions. We did not patch an outdated solution to look new but behave old. We have built it from scratch with cutting-edge technology to offer you the best. Our solution is born to win.


We know every business is unique:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution can be customized according to your needs, we can support your special case or we can tailor-cut our solution according to your unique needs. We are here to listen from you to make it run!


Enjoy the flow:

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that peak times are no longer bottlenecks but flow, delivering smooth and seamless operations even under the heaviest loads. With Techufy's TR-369 Solution; you can enjoy the flow.


Unlocking Doors to Growth:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution, engineered to manage large group of devices. By leveraging our robust scalability, you're not just keeping pace with the industry; you're unlocking doors to growth and opportunities.


New Horizons, new opportunities:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution built to support a wide varierty of device models with supporting all required message transport protocols of the TR-369 specification. Our solution enables new horizons to your bussiness.


Ready To Integrate into Your System:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution designed to work seamlessly wtih your systems. With the help of built-in Data and Management API's, Kafka and Camunda BPM; our solutions ready to join into your systems.

Technical Features:


Scalability, not a buzzword:

At Techufy, scalability is not a buzzword for us, it is the cornerstone of our philosophy. TR-369 USP Solution has been meticulously crafted with scalability in mind, right from its inception. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution doesn't just support scalability - it was born for it. Behind anything in this section, you may see this design philosophy.


Outperform the rest, right from the database:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution relays on the Apache Cassandra database at its core. Our TR-369 USP solution at the database level, follows peer-to-peer architecture rather than master-slave architecture, so there is not a single-point-of-failure. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution features data replication, so it is fault-tolerant and has high-availability at the database level. Techufy, architected its data model to distribute data across database nodes to ensure maximum performance. With the help of our one-of-a-kind solution for database architecture, Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution easily handles massive amounts of data in a scaleable fashion with data replication.


High Performance MQTT Transportation:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution supports all essential message transport protocols, including MQTT 5.0 and MQTT 3.1.1. Techufy offer the flexibility of choosing between Apache ActiveMQ Artemis and VerneMQ. Our MQTT transport layer architecture, built as a distributed solution, follows a peer-to-peer model, shared storage or network replication for easy scalability. This advanced design allows for the efficient handling of massive data volumes with disaster recovery options.


Low latency STOMP Messaging:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution not only supports STOMP 1.2 as per the specification requirements but also provides compatibility with STOMP 1.0 and STOMP 1.1. The architecture of our STOMP transport layer is built on a distributed solution that follows a peer-to-peer model. With utilization of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis, we leverage shared storage or network replication to achieve high scalability. This advanced infrastructure facilitates the efficient management of large data volumes. Moreover, we offer disaster recovery options, ensuring robust and reliable performance for your STOMP-enabled devices.


No room for bottlenecks:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution built to handle massive amount of devices in real-time. All of our core modules connected with a distributed message broker to offer consistent performance under load. Techufy introduce fault fault-tolerance to the interprocess communication layer with utilization of the Apache Kafka message broker and the advanced solution architecture. TR-369 USP Solution has strong muscles in the core to handle possible heavy traffic load during the peak hours. There is no room for the bottlenecks in the Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution.


Ready for Integration:

Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution is ready with all necessary Rest APIs from the first date. Our solution offers the full set of Data APIs to manage or read USP-related data in a TR-181-like data structure. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution also offer management Rest API set to manage system-related actions. Techufy TR-369 USP Solution is ready to integrate into your system.


BPM and Workflow Automation Compatibility:

Each bussiness uqnique and have different flows. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution built to smoothly interact with BPM tools or workflow automation tools. Techufy's TR-369 USP Solution ready to automation with ready Camunda 8 process automation. With Techufy's enhanced toolset,you can custimeze and automate TR-369 related workflows according to your need.


Powerfull solution, Powerfull Interface

At Techufy, we understand that a powerful solution should be matched with an equally powerful user interface. With this in mind, we've designed an intuitive and easy-to-use administrative interface in a modernReact Framework for our TR-369 USP Solution. From the granular management of individual devices to overseeing entire device groups, our UI provides all the necessary tools. It allows the execution of essential operations like 'get', 'set', 'add', 'delete', 'getsupporteddm', 'getsupportedproto', and 'getsupportedversion' messages, either on a device or device group level. Complementing these features are our comprehensive dashboards and log pages. Whether you need to retrieve device logs or visualize data on a larger scale, our dashboards have you covered. For an overarching view of system performance, we also offer system-wide dashboards and log pages.


We are ready to show some muscle!

Techufy, not just in the market – we target to lead it. We've harnessed our expertise to design and create the ultimate USP solution. As seasoned experts, we know exactly what we're doing, and now, we're ready to demonstrate our expertise. Get ready for a demo that showcases our TR-369 USP solution's unmatched capabilities, precision, and innovation.

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